moving doesn’t fix everything

{home wasn’t perfect either}

I am getting back in the saddle again after a long absence on the blog. I guess the globetrotting lifestyle can become overwhelming for anyone! Or maybe it’s just me. 🙂 The great news is that as crazy as our last move was — thank you 2 and 4 year old! — I’ve got TONS of great ideas to share with you. I can’t wait! But since the old writing joints are a bit creaky, I’ll start off with a {Read More}

when you are in a waiting place

Waiting to get over jet lag, waiting for our household effects to arrive, waiting for taxis, waiting to feel confident in a new job, waiting for friendships to develop, waiting for school to start, for routines to be in place… Waiting for a new place feel like home. If you’ve moved recently, you know what this feels like. You too, are in a waiting place. I’ve done this before, I know how the game works, and still I find myself {Read More}

starting over

and this time I don’t have a plan

Do you like making New Year’s resolutions? Try moving resolutions! Moving to a new place to live and work with a whole bunch of people you’ve never met blows New Year’s out of the water. My mind reels at the possibilities for change… Every move, I think this is my big chance! I will finally be funny, and not awkward, and will know just what to say at the right time instead of 15 minutes later! I look at the blank calendar in front {Read More}

15 safe summer scents for your home

I love scenting my house with beautiful fragrances, but when I learned about the toxic petrochemicals that most air fresheners and candles are made with, I knew I needed to find something safer to use around my kids (and myself!) Thankfully a friend turned me on to Young Living essential oils.  I bought their Premium Starter Kit, which comes with a diffuser and voila, I was in business again! In case you’re wondering what a diffuser is — it’s a {Read More}

what to do when you feel overwhelmed

5 tips for finding soul space

The past four years have been tough on our family.  Every time I thought I was getting a little breathing room, another crisis, health problem, or another big move with the kids would rear up and I would find myself on my knees again. During these times, I’d often lay awake in bed — all my worries and hopes and thoughts swirling around me.  I would wake up tired and be distracted throughout the day — the little problems and {Read More}

how to refinish with chalk paint

For all you moms out there who don’t think you can refinish furniture… I’m here to tell you that you CAN!

Even if you’ve never done it before.

Even if you live in an apartment and have no garage or outdoor space.

Even if you live overseas and the closest Home Depot is 3,000 miles away.

You can do it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Wax!

Here’s how…  {Read more}

here’s to the globetrotting moms out there…

…to the moms who sort and organize all their stuff into piles of Bring Immediately, Bring Later, Store, Sell or Donate …to the moms who manage mountains of preparations — passports and visas, doctor’s appointments, goodbye trips to family and friends, the change of address, shipping the car, and so many other things …to the moms who walk their babies up and down the aisle of the plane, who hold the hands of their older kids and tell them it’s {Read More}

the box is half full

5 good things about moving

When I first found out that I’d be moving overseas, I was excited. I went to the bookstore and looked at the travel books and maps. I started learning a few words of a new language. It didn’t even bother me that I had committed to live for several years in a country (actually a continent!) that I’d never set foot in. I was young and ready for adventure.

The next move, I was a little less excited. I knew how much work there’d be — unpacking boxes, trying to make new friends, finding my way around a new city. By the time I started preparing for my third move — with a 2 year old and four month old! — the novelty had REALLY worn off…  {Read more}

spinach and artichoke one pot pasta

Yum… a quick and flavorful spinach artichoke one pot pasta. I was amazed at how the essential oils infused such an incredible flavor to this dish. If you don’t have essential oils, use dry or fresh oregano and thyme instead. I got these essential oils for free with my Young Living Essential Rewards order and it’s been fun to find creative ways to use them. I love that this only took about 20 minutes to make and I had enough leftovers to last for three days. Not to mention that this dish has everything you need in it — protein, veggies, carbs, and flavor!  {Read more}

journey to joy: where am I now?


So where has all this life-changing stuff led me?

I finally understood that God created me and loved me exactly as I was. I would never have to worry about feeling small again because I was loved by the Creator of the universe. This freed me from my childhood vows in a way that all my achievements never had.  {Read more}